Debbie Donaldson
Founder & Chief Catalyst
Superpowers 365 Inc &
365 Ways To Stay Inspired
Even When Nothing Seems To Be Going As Planned!
A couple of friends said to me that it would be helpful if Superpowers 365 provided an idea every day for staying inspired as a business owner

They said that with my background of being a business news publisher, working with hundreds of business owners throughout my career…and my desire to share what I discover, there must be at least 365 valuable solutions I could share.

After thinking about this very cool idea for a few days, I challenged myself to see how many new ways to stay inspired I could write down in just one hour. It surprised me to see how many I had written and how many more were on my mind. Suddenly I could hardly wait to start sharing these new, exciting ideas to help you Build the Business and Life You Crave. I even started a Facebook Group for subscribers to help you share challenges and successes to inspire each other on this journey.

As I was writing them, I knew they had to be more than inspirational quotes or text book business jargon. They had to be realistic, actionable ideas that would be well worth a busy entrepreneur's time on their journey of building the business and life they crave. 

While chatting with the friends who planted the seeds of this one daily idea, we talked about the number of hats we wear as entrepreneurs and how some days everything feels like it’s on the right track but there are those days when it seems like nothing is going as planned.

The best thing about implementing these daily ideas is the positive impact they'll make on your business and life whether things are NOT going as planned...or ARE on track and going great for you!

So why would I do it? Why would I commit to sending you a daily email with my most precious ideas for staying inspired and inspiring others as a business owner? And why would I give it away and not charge anything for investing my time and sharing my knowledge and experience?

That’s easy. I’m all about paying it forward. 

Throughout my career, generous, brilliant entrepreneurs taught me almost everything I know about business. They even paid me well while I learned from them. Along the way we built 7 and 8 figure revenue generating businesses together. There were a lot of ups and downs in those businesses and relationships.

The one thing I've learned from working with some of the most driven entrepreneurs is this...
                          ...Success is a journey on a path we choose daily.

You are invited to subscribe to 365 WAYS TO STAY INSPIRED... absolutely free!

I look forward to sharing this new path on your success journey!

Debbie Donaldson

p.s. We respect your time and privacy. Once you begin receiving your daily emails, if they are not what you expected and you don't want to receive them, just click the unsubscribe link. There will be one at the bottom of every email.

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